Three Tips For Storing Your Camper

Your camper may be one of your most valuable and prized vehicles. These vehicles can allow you to comfortably and conveniently go camping on very short notice. However, there may be long periods of time between your uses of these vehicles. This makes it necessary to understand the types of steps that will help to keep your camper in good condition while it's being stored.

1. Thoroughly Wash The Exterior

Prior to putting the camper away for storage, you should thoroughly wash the exterior of the vehicle. This will remove many substances that could potentially damage the exterior of yeh camper. For example, bird droppings can be highly acidic, which can cause the paint and metal of the exterior to degrade. Furthermore, this will remove moss and dirt that could trap moisture against the exterior and contribute to rust forming. After washing the exterior, you should thoroughly dry the vehicle before placing it in storage.

2. Use A Camper Cover

Over the weeks and months that the camper may be stored, it can be possible for dirt, dust, and many other potentially harmful materials to accumulate on the exterior of the vehicle. These materials can be very damaging to the paint or metal finish of the vehicle. By placing a camper cover over it, you can minimize these threats. When choosing a cover for your camper, you may want to prefer cloth as it can allow moisture that gets in the vehicle to evaporate. While you may assume that moisture will not soak through the cover, condensation could still form on the exterior of the vehicle. Contact a company like Topper World when buying a camper cover. 

3. Use Pest Control Treatments

Pests will often target stored campers because they can be a convenient source of food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, these pests can create unsanitary conditions in the camper as well as structural and mechanical damage to it. Regularly having the camper treated with pest control products can be important for limiting the ability of these pests to create problems for your camper while it is in storage. It may seem like these treatments should only be done during the warm months out of the year, but it is possible for pests to target your camper throughout the year. In fact, mice and other large pests may be particularly interested in targeting the camper during the winter months when they are needing a warm place to nest during the cold temperatures and snowstorms. As a result, you may want to regularly inspect the camper during the winter months to look for warning signs that this type of activity is occurring.