Different Ways To Promote Your Charity

If you run a charity, then you know a lot of it is about getting your charity's name out there and bringing awareness to your cause. However, you also want to keep your cost of advertising down, so you have more to put toward the charity part of the organization. This is why you may want to follow some of the tips below that will help you get information out there about your charity without raising your advertising costs more than you should.

Purchase printed shirts in bulk

You should purchase printed t-shirts in bulk that have information about your charity on them. You will get a much better price when you buy in bulk and you can spread awareness about both your personal charity and the cause it supports by wearing the shirts, having others in your organization wearing the shirts and even selling them for a profit that you can then put right back into the charity. You'll generally find you can also save money by going with a single color and by only having one side of the shirts printed on.

Give out refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets are great because you can generally get a great price on these by also purchasing in bulk. Plus, people tend to display these right on their fridge which will be seen by many of their guests, who may then ask them about your charity which will start a conversation about it, as well as your cause. Those people may then go out and talk to others about the charity, which will prove to be a great form of advertising.

Print your own business cards

Use one of the many softwares available online to print your cards yourself. This is a good way to cut your costs and you have something on you to give out to anyone you think should know about your charity. When you print your cards yourself, you can also change them any time you want, so you can add new information as you wish.

Give out printed air fresheners

Having promotional air fresheners printed with your information, and the information of your cause will also help you to spread the word. These air fresheners tend to stay in cars for good lengths of time and this means everyone the person has in their car will see them displayed and many may converse with the car owner about your charity.