Modern Tech For Your Custom Classic: 4 Tips For Adding Audio And Electronic Tech To Your Auto Restoration Project

Classic auto restorations are rewarding projects that allow you to do many custom changes to your car. Some of these changes may be practical improvements to performance and safety, while others may be pure luxury. Today, you have a lot of audio, navigation, and electronic technology that can be used to give your classic modern comforts. Here are some tips to help you choose the modern audio, tech, and electronics you want for your custom classic.

1. Modern Car Stereos with LED Flat Screen Displays, Bluetooth, And More

Today, there are many options for car stereos, which include displays and Bluetooth connections. The display can be connected to tuning controller wiring harnesses to provide you with information about your car's performance, as well as gas consumption, mileage, and maintenance information. Talk with your car stereo installer about options for these features. With Bluetooth, there is also the option of using a tuning chip that can be connected via Bluetooth to get the performance information on your stereo display.

2. Give Your Car Satellite Radio, Internet, and More with Professional Installed Antenna

For the radio in your car, you may want to have modern satellite radio services. You may want to have more than just radio with a satellite service. Today, you also have options for features like satellite internet and real-time navigation or roadside assistance. If you want to have more features for connectivity and communications, then it is probably a good idea to have better car antennas professionally installed for any of these types of systems.

3. Modern Luxury Parking Assistance with Backup Camera and Parking Systems

Today, modern luxury cars have features like traction control, parking assistance, and brake assist systems. These features can also be added to your classic car restorations. Features like traction control and brake assist. A simple improvement that you can start with, and that can be installed by a car stereo installation service is parking cameras and assistance systems that use sensors to detect obstacles when parking and warn you. The parking cameras can be professionally wired to the stereo display for a clean installation that makes it look almost like factory equipment.

4. Brake Assist and Traction Control System for Better Handling and Safety

If you are interested in features like traction control and brake assist features for your car, there are aftermarket kits that you can install on your own. For better traction and brakes, consider installing an ABS system, which will prevent brakes from locking up when you apply them abruptly. There are also more advanced traction control systems that use a computer control module and software to provide the best traction settings for various driving conditions.

These are some tips to help you choose the right audio and electronics tech to add to your classic car restoration. If you want professionally installed stereo and navigation equipment that blends in with your original interior, contact car stereo services like Audio Shack for help with these features.