3 Things To Know About Creating A Custom Car Magnet

If you want to change the appearance of your vehicle, an easy way to do that is by adding a car magnet to your vehicle. Before applying a car magnet to your vehicle, you need to have a plan. Car magnets are primarily used for advertising businesses, although they can also be used to add some character to your vehicle. 

Know the Type of Car Magnet You Want to Use

First, you need to know what type of car magnet you want to use and what type of effect you are looking to get with the car magnet.

Do you want your vehicle to promote your business? Then you are going to want to go with a custom magnet that includes a marketing message. Do you want your magnet to just have some very cool graphics that would be difficult to get on your vehicle any other way? Then go with a few magnets that will allow you to add some sweet custom graphics to your vehicle. 

Design the Car Magnet

Once you know what you want on the car magnet, it is time to create the custom design. When you create the custom design, use high-resolution images. If you use low-quality images, you could end up with a magnet that looks blurry. When choosing fonts for any words or messages, really think about the sizing. You want the font to be big enough that someone passing by your vehicle can easily read it without having to get too close to you. Once you have the image ready, the auto shop will print out a custom magnet with your image on it. 

Clean Your Vehicle

Third, you need to have a clean vehicle before you apply the magnet. Deep clean your vehicle. Scrub it from top to bottom and remove all the insects that are stuck to your car. You want the surface to be as clean as possible before putting on the magnet. The magnet will adhere to your vehicle better when it is clean. 

Adding a magnet to your vehicle is a great way to advertise your business or just add a little personality to your vehicle. When designing a magnet, use high-quality images and use a font that is easy to read from a distance. Before applying the magnet, make sure your vehicle surface is clean and dry; this will help the magnet stay in place.

For more information on custom car magnets, contact an auto accessories shop.