Buying A New Exhaust System For Your Performance Car

Installing a new exhaust system on your car or truck can increase the performance, increase efficiency, and make the car sound great. It is crucial to get the right system, so taking the time to look at your options is an excellent place to start.

Replacing the Stock Exhaust

The stock exhaust system is usually engineered to work with the factory motor and maintain the mandatory emissions standards in your state. The stock exhaust system often holds the car back in terms of performance, but it is the best compromise that the manufacturer can make to create a legal system and works on the vehicle. 

Replacing the stock exhaust system with a higher flowing exhaust system is an excellent way to increase the car's power without even adding any performance upgrades to the engine. Once the exhaust system is upgraded, your mechanic can alter the engine's tuning and get a little more power and performance from the factory engine. 

Cat-Back Systems

Replacing the entire exhaust system on your car can be extremely expensive. Instead, installing a cat-back system may be a better option. A full exhaust system could run hundreds of dollars, but since the catalytic converters can not be removed from the car, replacing the exhaust from the catalytic converters back is sometimes the best compromise. 

While the catalytic converters will still restrict some of the exhaust gases coming through the system, opening up the exhaust with larger pipes and higher flow mufflers can still add some performance and free up some power that you are missing with the stock exhaust system. 

Cat-back systems are a good compromise and can save you a significant amount of money when you are ready to replace the stock system with a performance exhaust. 

True Performance Exhausts

If you are looking for rear performance, replacing the entire exhaust system with a system engineered to give you maximum performance gains for your money is your best option. These systems replace everything from the exhaust manifolds back, and many come with larger catalytic converters that allow higher exhaust gas throughput and mufflers to match. 

Mating the mufflers, cats, and tubular exhaust manifolds to oversized high-flow exhaust pipes will allow your engine to breathe and the exhaust to scavenge gases faster, allow the fuel-air mix to enter the engine more rapidly, create more power and increase the throttle response of the car. 

While you can buy performance exhaust systems online, having your local exhaust system specialist install the system for you is your best option. The systems are not always easy to install, and the exhaust shop has the tools and the experience to do the work for you. 

If you need help with your exhaust system, including a Chevy Corvette exhaust system, contact an auto shop near you.