Modern Tech For Your Custom Classic: 4 Tips For Adding Audio And Electronic Tech To Your Auto Restoration Project

Classic auto restorations are rewarding projects that allow you to do many custom changes to your car. Some of these changes may be practical improvements to performance and safety, while others may be pure luxury. Today, you have a lot of audio, navigation, and electronic technology that can be used to give your classic modern comforts. Here are some tips to help you choose the modern audio, tech, and electronics you want for your custom classic.

Different Ways To Promote Your Charity

If you run a charity, then you know a lot of it is about getting your charity's name out there and bringing awareness to your cause. However, you also want to keep your cost of advertising down, so you have more to put toward the charity part of the organization. This is why you may want to follow some of the tips below that will help you get information out there about your charity without raising your advertising costs more than you should.

Three Tips For Storing Your Camper

Your camper may be one of your most valuable and prized vehicles. These vehicles can allow you to comfortably and conveniently go camping on very short notice. However, there may be long periods of time between your uses of these vehicles. This makes it necessary to understand the types of steps that will help to keep your camper in good condition while it's being stored. 1. Thoroughly Wash The Exterior